On Monday, representatives from Fokus announced that the budget for next year shows that HDZ is in trouble and on track to lose the elections. They accused HDZ of trying to buy votes by using taxpayers’ money and burdening future generations in an effort to win support. Despite an increase in income from European funds, Davor Nadji, the head of Fokus, noted that these funds have been reduced by as much as one billion euros while expenses continue to rise.

At a press conference in Parliament on the topic “HDZ Super Pre-Election Budget for the Super Election Year,” Nadji criticized the budget as a tool for HDZ to improve its ratings and accused it of not addressing real problems. He also pointed out that while employees’ costs have only increased by 70% and transfers to citizens and households by 50%, two years ago, this budget has been criticized as being too generous.

Dario Zurovec spoke about the disproportionate costs of Croatian roads and the lack of sports facilities in Croatia despite spending large amounts of money on projects like the Slavonija Project. He believes that HDZ’s policy has failed and is creating bigger problems for Croatia. When asked about the Ustasha shouts at the commemoration in Vukovar, Damir Bajs expressed his expectation that the police would treat rioters in a similar manner to how they handled recent riotous fans.

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