The survey conducted showed that individuals who experienced job layoffs resorted to finding alternative ways to generate income. One effective solution they have found is to repurpose their personal vehicles. This transition allowed them to solve multiple problems at once.

By transforming their cars into mobile businesses, Nigerians are able to offset fuel costs and prevent their vehicles from rusting while they are idle.

In addition, the high cost of renting physical stores has made it a challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs. As a result, turning personal cars into mobile stores eliminates the need for physical space, saves on rental costs and offers a more flexible business approach.

The study also revealed that former corporate workers are now using their cars to sell various products like shoes, clothes and kitchenware from their vehicles.

Similarly, others have ventured into the transportation industry, using their private vehicles to provide transportation services.

The research concluded that this trend is not limited to individuals who have lost their jobs, but also those who previously ran brick-and-mortar stores and switched to mobile businesses due to skyrocketing rental costs.

By Editor