A Northern Virginia man, Kevin Lopez-Altan, 24, of Annandale, is facing 10 felony charges after committing two separate heinous acts in one week. On Friday, he was arrested at the Heritage Center for attempting to sexually assault a student on a college campus and earlier that week he had raped a woman at her job. Lopez-Altan showed up at the Annandale business before it was open and held a 59-year-old woman captive. Despite her attempts to thwart him, he forced his way inside and assaulted her repeatedly for several hours. However, the victim managed to escape and call the police, although the assailant fled the scene.

After investigating and identifying Lopez-Altan as a suspect, Fairfax County police learned he was also wanted by the Northern Virginia College Police Department in connection with a separate attack on a student. A 20-year-old woman managed to fend off the attacker with the help of passers-by. A campus police officer recognized the suspect by tattoos and a different way of rubbing his fingers, identifying him as the same person involved in the earlier crime.

Lopez-Altan is known to frequent various shopping centers in Annandale which led to his arrest at the Heritage Center on Friday afternoon. The authorities are concerned about possible other victims who may not have reported their experiences with Lopez-Altana due to fear or other reasons. He is currently being held without bond while awaiting trial for three counts of rape, three counts of forcible sodomy and kidnapping with intent to defile.

By Samantha Johnson

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