In the 12.5 km pursuit at the IBU World Championships, Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe won his second consecutive gold medal with a time of 32:36.9 after three early penalties and two close shots in the final stage. His teammate Vetle Sjastad Kristiansen led the race for the first three stages but missed twice in the final stage, falling out of gold medal position.

Boe was thrilled with his victory, admitting that it was a hard-fought battle against strong winds and nerves. He focused on aiming for the center of his targets and managed to secure his second consecutive gold medal despite some close calls.

“Winning a gold medal is always my dream,” said Boe, who didn’t feel like he was contending for first place before the championships began. However, he attributed his success to having great skis that day and felt that his form is improving as he gets closer to reaching his goals.

Norway took home two medals in this event, with Sturla Holm Laegreid winning silver by just over 28 seconds after recovering from seventh place to lead the race through four stages before falling behind in the final stage. Vetle Sjastad Kristiansen won bronze with three penalties, just like Legrade, finishing third behind by 38.5 seconds. This was Kristiansen’s first individual medal at IBU VCH since 2019.

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