Reports of an increase in COVID-19 cases are being seen in parts of KMAland, including Montgomery County and Page County. Samantha Beeson, who serves as public health administrator for both counties, said there are signs of an increase in COVID cases. The data available so far only goes up to September 2 and indicates a low level of transmission in both districts. A recent flu report from the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services shows a statewide 15.5% positive rate for COVID-15 with 120 hospitalizations in the past week. The symptoms of this latest strain of COVID can resemble those of other illnesses that occur this time of year, such as the common cold and allergies. Bison advises people to be diligent about washing their hands and monitoring for symptoms.

There are changes in the policy for the distribution of the COVID vaccine. Previously, local public health services ordered vaccines for all clinics in their district. However, since September 11, the state has privatized vaccine distribution. Each clinic is now responsible for ordering its own vaccines, while local public health departments will provide the vaccine for those who are underinsured or uninsured. Individuals with health insurance who need additional vaccinations can contact their local health care provider or pharmacy.

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