Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that he underwent surgery to have a pacemaker implanted last Monday, following three open-heart surgeries in the past. The 76-year-old actor explained the procedure on his ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’ podcast, comparing himself to his Terminator character with his new “machine part” and announcing he would be taking a break from the gym.

Despite growing up in Austria where medical issues were not openly discussed, Schwarzenegger decided to share his experience in hopes of inspiring others facing similar situations. He received messages from people with bicuspid aortic valves, like himself, who found courage and hope in his openness about his surgeries.

Schwarzenegger assured fans that he is recovering well, noting that he attended an environmental event with the Jane Fonda just days after the surgery. He expressed his gratitude to his medical team at the Cleveland Clinic for their care and for making the surgery as painless as possible. Doctors deemed the operation necessary due to irregular heartbeats caused by scars from previous operations.

Keeping in touch with his medical team and regular check-ups have been a priority for Schwarzenegger over the years, allowing for early detection of problems and necessary interventions. Despite the unexpected surgery, he remains positive about his recovery and plans to continue to advocate for health and fitness alongside his friend Jane Fonda.

By Samantha Johnson

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