Rep. Mike Levin speaks at a veterans event in May. Courtesy of his office

This column is an excerpt from Rep. Levin’s speech in the House on Thursday.

House Republicans are holding our economy hostage and plan to cut billions of dollars from veterans’ services and benefits in exchange for preserving the full faith and credit of the United States.

Republicans deal a one-two punch to veterans.

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First, their debt legislation would cut $30 billion from veterans services, eliminate housing vouchers for 50,000 homeless veterans, and cut 81,000 jobs at the Veterans Health Administration.

They can say what they want, but this is what they voted for.

Second, Republicans just released a bill to slash the health care funding we promised to toxic-exposed veterans in the Pact Act.

How about instead of cutting veterans’ services and benefits, we reduce our deficit by ending tax loopholes for the ultra-rich and making sure the biggest corporations pay their fair share.

House Democrats are united in their opposition to cuts to Republican veterans funding, and we will not roll back the progress we’ve made.

So as we all head into this Memorial Day weekend, we have to do better.

We must not pay our debts. And keep our promises to our veterans.

Mike Levine represents the 49th District in north San Diego and south Orange counties.

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