Amongst the quite a few “firsts” we practical experience in life, the 1st kiss is 1 of the most memorable.

Apart from becoming a new practical experience, our brain gets pleasure and facts from kissing. Our lips are the most exposed erogenous zones on our bodies, and a excellent kiss triggers hormones that give us a rush of need and really like.

Science communicator Cheryl Kirschenbaum talks to host Anita Rao about these physical effects of a kiss and how they assist us gauge compatibility with a possible companion. She also describes the cultural history of kissing, such as how lip-locking imposed energy structures and how kissing is interpreted differently about the globe, all subjects discussed in her book, The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us.

Kadar Tiny, a New York-primarily based photographer, director and filmmaker, also joins the conversation to share the inspiration behind his “PDA” photo series. Kadar photographs moments of kissing and intimacy amongst black and brown queer people today in public and at dwelling, exploring what this variety of connection appears like via her perform.

Anita also discusses the cultural milestone of a 1st kiss with a group of present and former VUNC youth reporters. Higher college students Paris Smith and Donna Diaz, along with college student Chris Williams, share stories about their 1st kiss, how they assume about boundaries, and what tends to make a excellent kiss.

Thanks to Caroline, Jeanine, Caitlin, Kristin, Lawrence and Steven for sharing this episode with us!

The memory of the 1st kiss

How old have been you?

We collected 1st kiss stories from our listeners, guests and colleagues… and we had such a wide variety of experiences!

How was that 1st kiss?

    A word bubble over a silhouette of two people kissing with the words: nothing special, sticky, exciting, wet, 4 out of 10, awkward, tender, awkward, creepy, physically uncomfortable, insignificant, expected, embarrassing, sweet, public, eager, unexpected , playful, beautiful, awkward, traumatic, simple, naive, the biggest disappointment of my life.

Who’s shocked that the most frequent adjective is “awkward”?

What can a 1st kiss teach us? (from former/present VUNC youth journalists)

“My 1st kiss, there have been no boundaries.” And even even though I was young, it produced me incredibly robust, in what I want and not letting people today into my space.”
-Paris Smith

“There does not have to be language, like, it can be cute for a couple of seconds.
-Chris Williams

“It has to be the proper moment.” Kissing in basic, I assume it really should just be energy”
– Donna Diaz

Why do we bear in mind our 1st kisses so properly?

“New experiences can trigger all types of distinct neurotransmitters and hormones in our bodies… But we use that kiss to inform us extra about the circumstance, how we’re feeling: Are we comfy?” Are we stressed? So that memory is strong.”
-Sheryl Kirschenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing

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