Citizens have until 4:00 PM to make the payment for treasury bills, according to FINA Board Advisor Gordana Soldo. The deadline for entering treasury bills ended at 11 a.m., and around 33,000 citizens reported their bids, resulting in a total of over 800 million euros being paid. Interest in treasury bills was twice as high as expected, says Zvjezdana Heina from FINA.

Soldo explained that there was no crowd because the process was straightforward and all citizens were able to submit their bids on time. She also pointed out that citizens still have time to pay if they wish to do so through cash payment at FINA or internet banking at their respective banks, according to each bank’s individual plans.

The greatest interest in treasury bills came from Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Čakovec, and Varaždin. Soldo clarified that the minimum amount for a treasury bill of nominal value is one thousand euros, which allows citizens to pay for it with only 963.95 euros while earning an annual yield of 3.75 percent. Citizens will receive their earnings on November 21st, 2024 when they will be paid the nominal value of treasury bills.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second round of treasury bill registration intended for institutional investors such as banks and funds.

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