India’s cricket veterans have heaped praise on the Indian team for their exceptional performance in the World Cup, despite losing the final to Australia. Wasim Akram, a Pakistani cricket legend, acknowledged India’s dominance in sports and emphasized that setbacks like defeats are an inevitable part of the game. He highlighted India’s impressive infrastructure and talent pool that have made Indian cricket thrive.

Akram also recalled his captaincy experience when Pakistan played India in the 1999 World Cup final, noting that they were on opposite sides of the match. However, he appreciated India’s ability to handle pressure and perform well under tough conditions. Rashid Latif echoed Akram’s sentiments, stating that India had matched Australia’s talent level but lost due to psychological factors.

Latif praised Mohammad Shami for his outstanding performance in the tournament and hailed him as India’s standout player. Misbah-ul-Haq, another former Pakistan captain, praised Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli for their excellent leadership skills. He stated that young players had learned a lot from these two leaders both on and off the field during this World Cup match.

Misbah also pointed out that Australia has once again demonstrated their mental toughness and organizational skills in sports, which has been instrumental in their success. He advised India to continue with its efficient programs and depth of talent to remain competitive in international cricket for years to come.

In conclusion, Pakistan cricket veterans have praised India for its exceptional performance in the World Cup despite losing the final to Australia. They acknowledge India’s impressive infrastructure, talent pool, leadership skills, and ability to handle pressure under tough conditions. The veterans also offered advice on how India could continue with its successful strategies for future tournaments.

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