Various Palm Springs residents lately attended a town hall meeting hosted by the police division. The goal of the meeting was to inform citizens about the technologies and military gear made use of in the fight against crime in the city. Lt. William Hutchinson emphasized the value of transparency and public comfort with the use of this technologies. The key concentrate of the meeting was on drones, automated quantity plate readers, cameras and armored automobiles.

At present, Palm Springs has license plate readers installed on police vehicles, and they are operating to expand this to street lights, utility poles and other components of the city. The aim is to have these readers at main intersections and entrances/exits to the city to track who comes and goes. Although street cameras are normally a controversial subject in terms of privacy, lots of residents have expressed assistance for them. Some residents even compared it to the substantial camera surveillance in London and saw it as a all-natural aspect of modern day technologies.

According to Lt. Hutchinson, these technologies can significantly enable in tracking and solving crimes in the city. They can enable determine stolen automobiles, missing persons and violent criminals. The use of camera technologies permits the police to resolve crimes a great deal more rapidly than prior to. The police program to present a proposal for fixed quantity plate readers to the City Council at the finish of the month.

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