A man accused of killing in Pasadena is now fighting for his personal life though behind bars at the Harris County Jail due to cirrhosis of the liver, his lawyer told KPRC two.

Eric Cano, 40, has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial, accused of shooting Rogelio Ramirez twice in the face in October 2020 following the guys had been drinking and fighting, according to court documents.

But Kano has spent the final month and a half in the hospital with a failing liver. He was released back to prison earlier this week following medical doctors decided no added remedy could enable him and gave him two weeks to reside, his lawyer Wade Smith mentioned.

“This man is fully and utterly bedridden,” Smith mentioned, adding that Cano has other organ failure and internal bleeding. “This man clearly does not pose a safety threat to any neighborhood.” He cannot even get out of bed by himself.”

Cano’s situation is so undesirable that he could not make it to court on Wednesday when his lawyers argued that he really should be permitted to die at property in a hospital.

Soon after getting arrested in October 2020, Cano posted his original bond of $250,000 and spent almost two years totally free awaiting trial.

But final July, following his lawyer mentioned he showed up for all scheduled court appearances and did not violate his bonds, Judge Ramona Franklin quadrupled Cano’s bond to $1 million and returned him to custody.

“A judge has to appear at his complete criminal history and make a selection, and judges have to make hard choices,” mentioned Director of Crime Victim Solutions Andy Kahan. “Mr. Ramirez’s household, they will by no means see him.”

In August 2020, the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct against Franklin, alleging that Judge Franklin “will, without the need of notice, without the need of result in, and in violation of the law and constitutional rights of the accused, revoke their discretion without the need of any new details and order them to return to custody,” the copy of the complaint submitted to the KPRC on two

Due to strict statutory confidentiality guidelines, the state commission would not confirm or deny that a complaint had been filed, and would not comment on the final results of any investigation quick of public discipline, Executive Director Jacqueline Habersham wrote in an e-mail to KPRC two.

At Wednesday’s hearing at Cano’s, Smith asked Franklin to reinstate his original bond, which has currently been posted, or post a new bond that his household could afford, each possibilities with the objective of getting released.

But Smith mentioned Franklin nixed these possibilities, rather suggesting he come up with a spot Cano could go and a strategy to present to her. That is an solution Smith does not see as viable.

“I really feel for that household.” Losing a loved 1 is difficult. But that is not what we’re undertaking right here, is it,” Smith mentioned. We would not even treat a dog like this. You would not take a dying dog and place it in a cage.”

A trial in Cano’s slaying is scheduled for August, but Smith mentioned he does not think it will final that lengthy.

Franklin’s workplace did not respond to a request for comment Thursday evening.

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