In a recent meeting, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev discussed the importance of resolving the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The State Department emphasized that achieving peace in the region would bring economic benefits to the entire area.

During their talks, Blinken urged both sides to avoid any escalation of tensions on the border. He warned that aggressive actions or rhetoric could hinder progress towards peace. Aliyev countered Western accusations that Azerbaijan had plans to attack Armenia, calling them baseless.

Aliyev also brought up the recent talks between foreign ministers in Berlin regarding a peace agreement text and stressed the importance of speeding up negotiations. He reiterated Azerbaijan’s commitment to previous declarations made at meetings with France’s Foreign Minister regarding territorial integrity.

In response to Aliyev’s concerns about French statements regarding territorial integrity, Blinken assured him that recent meetings were not directed against Azerbaijan despite expressions of concern from Armenian Prime Minister. Blinken also called for the release of unjustly arrested individuals during the conversation between him and Aliyev.

The two leaders emphasized continued dialogue and cooperation as essential for achieving lasting peace in the region during their discussions on this matter.

Blinken further highlighted that achieving peace in this region will bring significant economic benefits not only for both countries but also for other countries in this part of Europe.

Aliyev acknowledged his country’s commitment to maintaining peaceful relations with its neighbors, including Armenia, and expressed hope that future talks would be productive.

In conclusion, both Blinken and Aliyev recognize that continuing dialogue and cooperation are critical for achieving lasting peace in this region. They remain committed to finding a solution that respects both countries’ interests while also promoting stability in this part of Europe.

By Samantha Johnson

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