The US military base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii has a rich and significant history. However, the base is now facing a new threat: suspected Chinese espionage. Documents obtained by The Heritage Foundation reveal that at least 14 cases of attempted illegal access or surveillance of Chinese nationals have been recorded at or near the base since 2018. These incidents include examples of the Chinese attempting to fly drones over a base and photographing entry points of military facilities.

In response to requests for information about possible incidents of Chinese espionage at various US bases, only Pearl Harbor decided to cooperate and provide records they had of infiltration attempts. The Navy’s Consolidated Law Enforcement Operations Center obtained these documents through a request under the US Freedom of Information Act. However, the Daily Signal reported that NCIS investigations into suspected espionage cases were heavily rigged.

The US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has launched an investigation into these alleged attempts by Chinese citizens to access US military bases and other sensitive government facilities. The committee called for additional precautions to protect US military bases from Chinese Communist Party espionage, including preventing CCP-related entities from buying land near such facilities. They also requested that the US Secretary of Defense and FBI Director provide information on China’s actions in the United States that sought to gain access to military, economic, and technological information. Finally, they have taken measures to address potential security breaches, such as Chinese agents infiltrating U.S. military sites, firing ranges, missile sites, and using drone technology to monitor sensitive sites.

The significance of these incidents cannot be overstated as they pose a serious threat not only to national security but also to the safety and well-being of military personnel operating in these facilities.

It is important for all stakeholders involved in protecting our national security interests to work together to ensure that such threats are effectively addressed before they can cause any harm or damage.

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