Congregants of New York’s West Park Presbyterian Church are calling for the demolition of their landmark 19th-century church to fund mission operate. Nevertheless, there are other folks who oppose this program. The controversy surrounding the choice was highlighted in an AP video released on August eight.

Meanwhile, Reverend Angie Wuisang from Indonesia will give a speak on Sept. 24 at the Initial Presbyterian Church on the ethics of consuming diverse foods, eco-theology and environmental ethics. This occasion is element of the Science and Theology Lecture Series, co-sponsored by Initial Presbyterian and Initial United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge.

Wuisang, who was recruited by the East Tennessee Presbytery’s Peacemaking Committee, will provide insight into the challenges facing her nation of 17,000 islands. Through her speaking engagement, she will share her experiences with interfaith dialogue and how it has helped resolve conflicts in between people of distinctive faiths in Indonesia. Nevertheless, throughout her time at Oak Ridge Church, she will concentrate on troubles of meals and the atmosphere, as nicely as troubles of faith.

As an ordained minister of the Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa, identified as GMIM, Wuisang is not only nicely-versed in theology, but also conducts analysis and teaches courses on eco-theology, environmental ethics and several religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and theology of religions. . A single essential situation that Wuisang will address is the discrimination and persecution faced by religious minorities, which includes Christians and practitioners of indigenous religions, in Indonesia.

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