PepsiCo products are once again available on Carrefour shelves in France and Belgium after an agreement was reached between the two parties. Early in January, a price dispute led to the temporary removal of PepsiCo brands such as Lai’s, Doritos and Pepsi from Carrefour stores in several countries, including France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. However, an agreement has now been reached which allows the products to be returned to Carrefour stores.

The agreement was confirmed by Alexandre de Palmas, the director of Carrefour in France, who posted a photo on social media of him holding a bottle of Pepsi between the shelves in the stores. The French supermarket chain stated that the agreement was reached in the interest of customers. Meanwhile, Carrefour’s Belgian press office also confirmed that the agreement is being implemented in Belgium, and that PepsiCo products were back on the shelves last week.

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By Samantha Johnson

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