In recent years, the inclusion of women in science has been marked by significant challenges, including a lack of credibility among men in this field. Lena Ruiz Azuara, an experienced scientist in the development of new drugs against certain types of cancer in Mexico, has faced numerous obstacles throughout her career, including discriminatory problems and a lack of experience to develop important projects at universities. Despite these challenges, Ruiz Azuara remains committed to producing medicines that will benefit Mexican society and is confident that her project will culminate in something positive.

Ruiz Azuara has been a pioneer since 1975 in the development and study of inorganic chemistry at the UNAM Faculty of Chemistry. She trained and inspired many young people along the way, citing women who have played outstanding roles in various fields of science as examples of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work. Ruiz Azuara believes that women have a unique brain structure that allows them to excel at multitasking and optimize both ideas and activities.

One of the most significant milestones for Ruiz Azuara was when she received recognition for her work in her field of expertise. This was a pleasant surprise for her, as she had faced challenges throughout her career that made it difficult to gain credibility among men in science. However, she shared this recognition with her entire work group that had been working tirelessly for many years.

To continue inspiring future generations of scientists, Ruiz Azuara has started organizing science conferences outside the classroom. These conferences cover topics related to chemical and biological fundamentals and are broadcast online for those interested in discussing scientific issues from anywhere in the world. The conference turns 25 this year and is expected to attract thousands of participants from around the globe.

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