General Jaroslaw Gromadzyski, who was previously trusted by Warsaw to oversee the formation of the army’s 18th Mechanized Division in 2018 and train Ukrainian fighters at German bases, has been relieved of his duties as head of the Eurocorps and is under investigation for alleged espionage. The military counterintelligence service launched an inspection procedure to collect data on the officer, which led to his removal from the Eurocorps and his return to Poland.

The Polish Ministry of Defense made this announcement on Wednesday, raising concerns and questions about General Gromadziski’s activities and potential security breaches within Eurocorps. The outcome of the investigation and any further developments related to this case will be closely monitored by defense authorities and international organizations that oversee Eurocorps operations.

Eurocorps is a multinational military force involved in humanitarian, rescue, and peacekeeping missions, led by rotating commanders appointed by member countries such as Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain. Poland officially joined Eurocorps as a framework nation in January 2022.

General Gromadziski’s dismissal from the Eurocorps headquarters in Strasbourg happened about nine months ago. His assignment to the Eurocorps had been seen as a positive development for Poland’s relations with other European countries. However, now his actions are under scrutiny due to allegations of espionage against him.

The investigation into General Gromadziski will likely have significant implications for both Poland and Europe as a whole. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds in coming weeks and months.

By Samantha Johnson

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