Concerns about the Pope’s health have been renewed after a recent episode during the Palm Sunday celebration, where he did not deliver a sermon. This led to a long silence that spread to the faithful who attended. The moment of silence left many wondering what had happened, with some attributing it to the pope’s decision to reflect collectively amidst confusion.

Despite his age and respiratory problems, Francis has continued to perform his duties as head of state and leader of the Catholic Church. His speeches are usually read by one of his associates, but on Sunday, he offered no explanation for the sudden silence. The Vatican did not provide any explanation for the pope’s absence from delivering a sermon except that it was “non-existent”.

Francis faces challenges in balancing his health with his busy schedule ahead, which includes trips to Venice and Slovenia. Despite these challenges, he remains committed to fulfilling his responsibilities as leader of the Church and head of state. Dr. Sergio Alfieri, Francis’ surgeon, assured that he is in good health for his age but needs to effectively balance his health with his commitments.

By Samantha Johnson

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