Amid challenges in overhauling the health system, President Gustavo Petro’s government in Colombia has taken steps to take control of one of the country’s largest private insurers, EPS Sanitas. The intervention represents a strategic escalation by the left-wing leader who is trying to implement his health system reforms.

Health Minister Guillermo Alonso Jaramillo and other officials have expressed concern about the practices of some insurance companies, stressing the need for reform. As private health insurance workers protest proposed changes in Bogota, the government faces industry pushback. However, with ongoing debates and protests over health care reforms, President Petro remains committed to improving the health care system despite obstacles.

The move to take control of a large private insurer underscores the challenges his government faces in implementing meaningful change. With ongoing debates and protests over health care reforms, the path ahead for President Peter’s government remains uncertain. Despite resistance from Congress and other institutions, President Petro is determined to transform Colombia’s conservative economic model into a more progressive one that prioritizes social justice and equality in healthcare.

By Samantha Johnson

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