Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni expressed her satisfaction with the growing role of Italy on the global stage in a recent interview with Tg5. She attributed this central role to the return of prosperity to Italian families and businesses. Meloni emphasized that what is often called foreign policy has significant implications for domestic policy as well.

Reflecting on her government’s achievements, Meloni shared her satisfaction with the progress made so far. She highlighted the choice to focus limited resources on supporting families and businesses during a challenging economic period. This approach has resulted in record employment rates, stable contracts, and increased disposable income for families.

Meloni also referred to complex files such as the former Ilva and Stellantis, stating that her government is working diligently to resolve these issues and make decisions that benefit the economic system. She emphasized the importance of continued effective governance and decision-making that supports the creation of wealth and jobs.

The Prime Minister’s confidence in the stability of her government was evident as she discussed the opposition and unity within the majority. She emphasized the value of diverse perspectives within the majority, highlighting the strength that comes from a diverse range of voices.

In discussing Italy’s leading role in international crises such as those involving Israel, Meloni emphasized

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