Dutch professional Joost Luiten experienced a unique and frustrating occurrence on the golf course during the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai. After making a bogey, Luiten threw his driver into a tree in frustration, only for it to get stuck in the branches. In an attempt to pull the driver out, he threw another club, which also caught on a tree.

As the tournament official attempted to move the clubs, Luiten continued his efforts by launching a third club into the tree, resulting in the loss of another club in the process. Despite attempting to jump and hit the tree at the flag bearer’s signal, Luiten was ultimately unable to dislodge his clubs from the tree. He ended up playing the rest of the hole with just 11 putts before a volunteer was able to save the putt.

Luiten finished the championship at three over par, placing third from the bottom. Reflecting on the experience, he wittily remarked, “That pretty much summed up my week. The incident added a unique and entertaining twist to

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