Despite recent progress, there is still much potential for growth in women’s sports. A new study by Wasserman has shown that coverage of women’s sports in the US has reached a new high, accounting for 15% of all sports coverage. This increase can be attributed to the emergence of talented female athletes such as Sha’Carri Richardson, Coco Gauff and Simone Biles, who have captured the attention of sports fans around the world.

In an upcoming segment on November 21, 2023, Shira Springer, a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management and a writer for the Sports Business Journal, will discuss the implications of this research and the future of women’s sports. During the segment, host Robin Young will collaborate with Shira Springer to explore the next steps for advancing women’s sports.

There are numerous opportunities to further empower women in the world of sports. Whether it’s increasing the quality of coverage, diversifying the range of sports available to women or amplifying the voices of female athletes, there is much work to be done. After the broadcast, audio of the segment will be available to those who missed

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