In order to combat the threat of illegal exports of American technology to foreign adversaries, DHS is working tirelessly. However, this task is not without its challenges. The technology is smuggled out of the US and is difficult to track and prevent once it reaches its destination. When it arrives in China, it is further transferred to Iran, where it is used to develop sophisticated drone technologies. This poses a significant risk to US national security and demands immediate attention from relevant authorities.

Jim Mancuso, the Global Trade Department’s Homeland Security Investigations official, emphasized the seriousness of this threat. He stated that American technology has been found in recovered military equipment, indicating that China, Iran and Russia were illegally acquiring technological resources from the United States. Mr. Mancuso underlined the importance of this threat to the US, saying that it is part of a larger picture of foreign powers that pose a threat to US national security. This current issue requires the primary focus and commitment of US agencies and officials to effectively combat it.

The illegal export of US technology not only violates US export laws but also poses a potential risk to the integrity and security of the nation. Therefore, continued efforts are needed to stay one step ahead of adversaries and protect US technological resources from falling into the wrong hands.

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