In March 2020, Swedish pharmacy chains began to introduce age limits on certain skin care products. Apoteket Hjartat set an age limit of 15 for some of its products, while Apotek followed suit by setting age limits for its own range. This move was taken in response to concerns about young people using skin care products that may not be suitable for their skin.

The trend towards more expensive and potentially harmful skin care products among young people has been a growing concern in Sweden. The popularity of cosmetics chain Liko’s new store was evident when it attracted a large number of teenage customers. While some young individuals believe that everyone should have the right to use any skin care product they want, others like Mariel Jakob and Vilde Johansson believe that age limits can protect young people from harming their skin in the long term.

Dermatologists in Sweden are also concerned about the potential rise in chronic skin problems among young people due to the use of inappropriate skin care products. Experts interviewed by Swedish Television (SVT) expressed concern about the effects of strong skincare products on young skin, which often contain perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals that can be harsh on developing skin.

Apoteket Hjartat has specifically set age limits for products containing acids and enzymes that can be harmful to young skin. However, it is essential to educate both young individuals and their parents about the potential risks of using harsh skincare products, even if they are within the recommended age limit. While the market for beauty products continues to grow rapidly, it is crucial for marketers and consumers alike to be informed about the effects of these products on young skin.

In conclusion, while setting age limits on certain skincare products may help prevent young people from using potentially harmful or unsuitable products, it is also crucial to educate them about the risks involved in using these types of products. It is essential for both marketers and consumers to understand how skincare products can affect young skin so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing these types of items.

By Samantha Johnson

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