Quonset Business Park has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 14,000 jobs, exceeding the goal of 13,000 jobs set just 15 months ago. Governor Dan McKee hailed Quonset as a driving force behind economic activity and job growth in Rhode Island, attributing its success to strategic investments that attract new companies and provide employment opportunities for local residents.

According to the Quonset Development Corporation, job growth at the park can be attributed to several factors. Upgrades and expansions at the Port of Davisville have helped preserve 1,600 existing jobs. Additionally, plans to invest in the Port of Davisville expansion and upgrade and wind farm cable construction projects are expected to create hundreds of new jobs in Rhode Island and Connecticut, further boosting economic growth in the region.

President of the House of Representatives K. Joseph Shecharci praised Quonset Business Park as a thriving economic center and recognized his leadership for reaching the 14,000-job milestone. Senate President Dominick Ruggerio also expressed support for the rapid expansion of the park, noting its reputation as one of the best business parks in the country.

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By Samantha Johnson

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