On Wednesday, Ecuador’s prosecutor’s office conducted raids and arrests of judges, former judges, judicial officials, lawyers and police officers in eight provinces of the country. These individuals are under investigation for facilitating the release of dangerous criminals through legal maneuvers and abuse of the law. The operations took place in the provinces of El Oro, Azuay, Manabi, Pichincha, Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Guayas and Santo Domingo de los Cachilas.

The Prosecutor’s Office specified that the raids were related to organized crime, illicit enrichment and trade in influence in various sectors. They emphasized their commitment to combating this corruption and ensuring impunity for those involved in criminal activities. The images released by this institution show police and ministerial agents raiding and arresting individuals linked to the irregular practice of granting freedom in exchange for favors or money.

The exact number of arrests across the country and the specific cases that led to this operation, known as the Plague, have not been disclosed. However, last year a case revealed significant involvement of drug trafficking in various sectors of Ecuadorian society including judiciary police politics and prosecutors. This investigation was launched after examining messages sent by a drug dealer before his death in prison which revealed extensive networks of corruption.

In recent years Ecuadorian government has been investigating corruption cases especially during former presidents Rafael Correa Lenin Moreno Guillermo Lass administrations several high-ranking officials have been jailed or fled country as a result of these investigations. In response to a series violent incidents President Daniel Noboa declared an internal armed conflict designated certain organized crime groups as terrorists. The country has been on high alert ever since with fears further criminal attacks increased military presence combat these threats Noboa emphasized need counter narco terrorism maintain security Ecuador

By Samantha Johnson

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