On Tuesday afternoon, a devastating fire tore through Tri-State Lawn Care in Flatwoods, Kentucky, a subsidiary of Tri-State Enterprise. Owner Michael Wheeler watched decades of hard work disappear in minutes as he stood outside the burning building. Wheeler described the feeling as numbness and disbelief, struggling to process the event that left him feeling overwhelmed.

Fortunately, everyone inside the building managed to escape unharmed. Flatwoods Fire Chief Brent Dean reported that the fire broke out at Tri-State Lawn Care on Argillite Road with three to four people inside at the time. Despite the destruction caused by the fire, Wheeler expressed his determination to rebuild and remain positive. He stressed the importance of looking to the future and finding solutions to overcome the challenges ahead.

Wheeler has a long history of community service and remains hopeful about rebuilding his business. He acknowledged the support of firefighters and the community over the years and expressed his gratitude for their help during this difficult time. Wheeler remains optimistic about the future, emphasizing resilience and gratitude in facing adversity.

As Wheeler surveyed what was left of his business, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for all that he had accomplished over the years. He knew that it would be a long road ahead, but he was determined to rise above it all and find a way forward.

The fire that ravaged Tri-State Lawn Care was an unexpected blow for owner Michael Wheeler. As he watched his life’s work burn before his eyes, he felt numb and overwhelmed. Despite everything that had happened, Wheeler remained focused on finding solutions and rebuilding his business.

Tri-State Lawn Care had been around for decades, providing quality services to customers throughout Flatwoods and beyond. The fire that destroyed it was a tragic reminder of how quickly things can change when you least expect it.

Wheeler knew that rebuilding would be no easy task, but he was determined to do whatever it took to get back on track. With a strong sense of resilience and gratitude for those who supported him during this difficult time, Wheeler remained optimistic about what lay ahead for Tri-State Lawn Care.

The fire at Tri-State Lawn Care was just one setback in an already challenging year for owner Michael Wheeler

By Samantha Johnson

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