As the stock market in Turkey experiences a rapid increase in the number of investors and public offerings, CMB President Ibrahim Omer Gonul has addressed the growing interest in the market. He highlighted the need for new investors to approach the market with a logical investment strategy, while acknowledging that many people are drawn to the stock market as a way to grow their money.

Gonul also emphasized the importance of assessing companies’ ability to meet market demands and necessary conditions before approving public offerings. The CMB has received close to 100 applications for public offerings, and Gonul stressed that careful consideration should be given to both the size of these offerings and their demand.

One trend that has led to an increase in IPOs is the influx of new investors who may not have basic investment knowledge. Gonul cautioned these investors to approach IPOs with a professional mindset and seek guidance from financial experts.

When asked about the CMB’s future approach to approval processes, Gonul reiterated his commitment to proceeding cautiously, while also stressing the importance of closely monitoring developments and maintaining market stability in light of large volumes of transactions and stock market movements. Overall, Gonul’s statements underscored the importance of approaching both IPOs and investing in general with rationality and caution.

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