World of Warcraft Classic players have achieved a remarkable feat with the release of the second phase of Season of Discovery. In just 12 hours, they managed to reach the maximum level offered by the update and successfully complete the new Gnomeregan attack. The group consisted of 10 players, including 5 mages, 2 warlocks, 2 priests and a shaman, who finally defeated the raid boss after several attempts that resulted in them being wiped out. This achievement was not an easy task as they first had to achieve certain goals such as reaching level 40 and finding necessary equipment. However, they were able to break one of the boss’s spells and found an easy way to defeat him.

The second phase of Season of Discovery brought new features for players to continue exploring Azeroth such as an increase in level cap from 25 to 40 thanks to new rune classes, items, dungeon abilities and other new traits. BlizzCon 2023 showed that being a World of Warcraft player is still exciting for classic players. It serves as a great appetizer for the main course: the fourth expansion, Cataclysm. Meanwhile, players who have continued to play on the main servers will soon get a taste of The Worldsoul Saga, a trilogy of expansions that will be the culmination of 20 years of stories and events that will set the stage for the future of

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