The Women’s NCAA Tournament is reaching its peak, with South Carolina, Iowa, UConn and NC State leading the star-studded event. Tony Anderson analyzes the top stories surrounding the tournament as it reaches its final stages.

In a thrilling Elite Eight matchup between Iowa and LSU, a record 12.3 million viewers watched the game. This was the most-watched women’s college basketball game ever and the highest-rated college basketball game on ESPN platforms. Iowa emerged victorious with a score of 94-87, denying LSU a chance to defend its national title.

Last year’s Elite Eight game between LSU and Iowa held the previous record with 9.9 million average viewers and 12.6 million at its peak. This year’s game, which aired on ESPN, peaked at 16.1 million viewers, making it the second-highest audience for any basketball game on the network since 2012.

The Elite Eight games were a huge success in terms of viewership, with Iowa-LSU leading the pack with its record number. USC-UConn, Oregon State-South Carolina and NC State-Texas also drew millions of viewers, cementing this year’s Elite Eight as the most watched yet.

Iowa guard Kaitlyn Clark had an impressive performance in the Elite Eight, scoring 41 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds

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