In just over two weeks from now, an estimated one million people will travel to Texas to witness the total solar eclipse, bringing in over a billion dollars into the state’s economy. Red Oak, located in Ellis County, is preparing for an unconventional Monday as a solar eclipse will cast darkness over the city for just over four minutes.

Philip Hughes and his sister Michelle Bezanilla, owners of Gravy, are preparing their breakfast and lunch spot for the influx of visitors. They plan to streamline their menu and bring in extra help to handle the expected crowds. The economic impact of the eclipse is estimated at nearly $1.4 billion in Texas, with $13 million in Ellis County alone where Red Oak is located.

The Red Oak Area Chamber of Commerce anticipates a significant increase in revenue due to the eclipse and has advised local businesses to prepare by hiring extra staff, ensuring sufficient inventory and advising residents to stock up on essentials ahead of time. President and CEO Clint Woodward emphasizes that the event will extend beyond Monday, potentially starting as early as Friday and continuing through the weekend.

Gravi owners Philip Hughes and Michelle Bezanilla are excited about the opportunity to engage with new customers and create a festive atmosphere during the solar eclipse. They plan to celebrate the event with their guests by offering a unique experience that marks this rare celestial occasion.

As expectations are high in Red Oak for this rare celestial event, plans are underway to make the most of this economic stimulus and create an unforgettable experience for all who come to witness it.

By Samantha Johnson

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