The Commonwealth Fund has established a task force comprised of academics and former government officials to investigate potential enhancements to employer-sponsored health insurance at the national level. This nonpartisan group will collaborate to develop recommendations that will serve as a blueprint for the role of employers in America’s healthcare system.

The task force, chaired by Peter, aims to address the market incentives and regulatory changes necessary to improve workplace health coverage and ensure affordable healthcare for the 157 million Americans who rely on employer-sponsored insurance. By working with experts in the field and drawing on the diverse experiences of former government officials, the Commonwealth Fund intends to develop a comprehensive strategy to tackle the challenges faced by those receiving care through their employers.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create a set of recommendations that will shape the future of employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States. With a deadline set for 2025, the task force is dedicated to developing concrete proposals that will lead to a more efficient and equitable healthcare system for all Americans with employer-sponsored coverage. Through a combination of research, analysis, and expert input, the Commonwealth Fund hopes to drive significant change in the healthcare landscape and improve outcomes for all involved.

By Samantha Johnson

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