On Wednesday, the world lost a true visionary in the field of economics and psychology, as Israeli-American Daniel Kahneman passed away at the age of 90. Kahneman was known for his groundbreaking work on prospect theory and his revolutionary contributions to both fields.

President Isaac Herzog offered his condolences, describing Kahneman as one of the brightest minds of his time. His legacy as a pioneer in understanding human behavior and decision-making processes will continue to shape the way we think and learn for years to come.

Kahneman’s research has had an immense impact on academia and society at large, inspiring countless students along the way. His work on prospect theory revolutionized our understanding of how people make decisions under uncertainty, and his contributions to behavioral economics have had far-reaching implications for policymakers and businesses alike.

As we remember this remarkable individual, let us celebrate his incredible achievements and honor his legacy by continuing to push the boundaries of knowledge in both economics and psychology. May he rest in peace, knowing that his work will continue to inspire future generations of researchers and leaders alike.

By Samantha Johnson

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