A 35-year-old man from Dallas, Texas, has announced his candidacy for the US presidential election in 2024 under the name “Literally Anyone Else.” As an elementary school teacher and former soldier, he believes that he can catalyze dissatisfaction with the two main candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. He stated that the 300 million people in the country deserve better and that there should be a chance for individuals like him who are fed up with the current usurpation of power by the major parties that does not benefit ordinary citizens.

His campaign is unique in many ways, as he aims to reiterate the idea that “literally anyone else” would be a better option than Biden or Trump. Framing his candidacy as a rallying cry against the status quo, he hopes to create awareness about his platform and encourage voters to consider alternative voices in the political landscape. To get his name on the ballot in Texas, he needs 113,000 signatures, but since that seems unlikely, he’s campaigning for people to write “literally anyone else” on the ballot instead. His goal is to ensure that America is not forced to choose between what he calls the “debt king” and an 81-year-old candidate.

Despite facing criticism and skepticism from traditional politicians and media outlets, Literally Anyone Else’s campaign has sparked curiosity and discussion about the need for alternative voices in politics. His unconventional approach challenges traditional norms and expectations of the electoral process, inspiring others to think outside of the box and consider new possibilities for political change.

By Samantha Johnson

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