A group of scientists from the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Caltech have developed a new vaccine technology that offers protection against a wide range of coronaviruses in mice. This new approach, known as “proactive vaccinology,” involves creating a vaccine before a disease-causing pathogen appears. The vaccine trains the immune system to recognize specific regions of eight different coronaviruses, including those currently circulating and those that may in the future infect humans.

This research was published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, and the new Quartet Nanocage vaccine is based on a nanoparticle structure that binds viral antigens, training the immune system to target common regions of the coronavirus. The design simplifies the vaccine development process and can lead to a faster transition to clinical trials. Additionally, the underlying technology has the potential to be applied to the development of vaccines against other health problems.

Compared to previous work on broadly protective coronavirus vaccines, this new vaccine developed by the research team offers a simpler design and better efficacy. While

By Samantha Johnson

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