XNote is a smart pen that revolutionizes note-taking by turning handwritten notes into text and using artificial intelligence to set reminders and answer questions about your notes. With XNote, you can write on regular paper, but the unique dot pad allows the pen to track its exact location. The iPhone app records the strokes of the pen and saves them instantly, making it easy to search, edit and share notes.

The pen works in conjunction with an iPhone app and a unique dot pad to digitize handwritten notes in real time. This makes it easy to search, edit and share notes. Additionally, XNote integrates ChatGPT, allowing users to ask questions about their notes and receive summaries, action items, and reminders based on their writing.

XNote serves as a personal assistant that understands handwritten notes, making the task of flipping through notebooks to find information redundant. Some of the tasks you can do with XNote include extracting action points from a meeting, finding a specific note, creating quizzes based on lecture notes, and setting reminders based on handwritten recipes or meeting notes. Essentially, XNote brings back the joy of writing by hand while eliminating the limitations of traditional pen and paper.

Early adopters on Indiegogo can pre-order the XNote pen and dot notebook for $199, with an additional $59 lifetime fee to access AI features like reminders and quizzes. For those who prefer handwritten notes or are tired of typing, XNote offers a smart digital note-taking solution that combines the best of both worlds.

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