Trac Systems has announced the release of a new technology, Trac Core for TAP Protocol, designed to provide decentralized data indexing solutions for Bitcoin. This innovative solution allows developers to easily set up index nodes and join Trac’s peer-to-peer indexing network, making it easier than ever to build secure and validated applications on top of Bitcoin.

Trac Core uses an efficient approach that leverages NodeJS and can run on low-power devices, allowing for multiple instances of the protocol per machine. The goal is to continue serving the Bitcoin community by providing a foundation for building innovative applications and protocols on top of this secure and validated data.

The initial release focuses on ordinal tokens, but upcoming phases in 2024 will introduce additional functionalities such as bitmap plots, serial numbers, wallets, and doginals. Trac Core aims to become the standard for decentralized indexing protocols with its efficiency and security.

This technology is now immediately available for developers and projects looking to eliminate the complex burdens of Bitcoin infrastructure. With Trac Core, teams can focus on innovation by simplifying setup and operations. Also Read: MicroStrategy Boosts Bitcoin Commitment, Says Michael Saylor

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