Researchers at the Department of Energy (DOE) have recently developed ChatGrid, a groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize the way grid operators monitor the power grid using generative artificial intelligence and advanced computing systems. Grid operators currently have to keep track of every aspect of the power grid, including generators, substations, homes and businesses. In case of an outage, they must act quickly to restore power, which often slows down decision-making.

Shrirang Abhiankar, a researcher in network optimization and modeling at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), along with former PNNL intern Sichen Jin, created a program that allows a network operator to ask questions about the network and get immediate answers. This new approach simplifies decision-making by providing operators with valuable information about generation capacity, voltage, power flow and clean energy sources in the grid on supercomputers capable of a billion billion calculations per second.

ChatGrid has enormous potential to play a key role in restoring power to millions of people during an outage. It could also help promote public awareness about various clean energy projects included in the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill. Although it is currently being tested, there is no specific time frame for when ChatGrid will be fully operational. To stay updated on the latest innovations that are improving our lives and the environment, sign up for our newsletter today!

By Samantha Johnson

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