Hip and knee joint transplants have undergone a significant transformation in recent years, thanks to the emergence of advanced technologies. These innovations make the procedure more precise, safe, minimally invasive and easier for patients, allowing them to quickly resume their daily routines. From pre-operative planning to post-operative care, these technologies are used throughout the process.

One of the latest advancements is precise preoperative planning, which utilizes cutting-edge imaging tests to create a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the damaged joint. This enables surgeons to study the joint’s structure and take accurate measurements to guide implant placement during surgery. Technologies such as 3D printing of joint models assist in preparing for surgery and ensuring implant accuracy.

During surgery, sensors on the patient’s leg transmit data in real-time to a computer system, enabling surgeons to work with unparalleled precision. Robotic arms guide the operation according to pre-operative plans, halting if any deviations are detected. Surgical techniques have also evolved in preserving soft tissues and minimizing postoperative pain, leading to faster rehabilitation times.

Implants like those from the “Cementals” family are made of titanium, promoting bone growth into the implant after fixation for increased durability and longevity. Postoperative rehabilitation has also improved significantly; patients can stand and walk shortly after surgery and are often discharged home on the same day.

According to Dr. Vadim Bankovitz, an orthopedics expert renowned for his work in this field, these technological advancements have revolutionized hip and knee replacement surgery by providing faster recovery times, reduced pain levels, and a quicker return to independent functioning.

By Samantha Johnson

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