At Formnext 2023, ADDiTEC made its debut, showcasing its innovative Liquid Metal Jetting technology after acquiring Elem Additive from Xerox earlier this year. The company’s new Hybrid 3 system was unveiled at the event, which combines laser energy deposition technology and CNC machining with the liquid metal printing process.

TCT visited the ADDiTEC booth to take a closer look at the technology. Sriram Manoharan, ADDITEC R&D Program Manager, explained that the liquid metal injection molding process involves welding wire into a crucible with an induction heating mechanism to melt the wire. Electromagnetic forces then create a pulse, which produces droplets. This process provides high-resolution parts and is featured in ADDiTEC’s new Hybrid 3 system.

Manoharan also discussed the advantages of laser energy deposition technology, which offers high deposition rates. By combining these two technologies, ADDiTEC offers a geometric advantage that enables high-deposition infills with wire laser DED and high-resolution perimeters with liquid metal injection. Additionally, CNC operation can be used for surface finishing.

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