Lake Superior State University is launching a new initiative called Uvill to enhance students’ access to mental health resources. This program will enable university-affiliated students to easily connect with licensed therapists tailored to their individual needs through teletherapy and crisis support services. This initiative complements the existing counseling services designed to identify and assist students experiencing a mental health crisis.

LSSU officials are supporting this initiative in response to the growing mental health challenges facing young adults and students, as evidenced by recent research data. Nearly 90% of adults believe the nation is facing a mental health crisis that needs attention, while almost half of the surveyed students felt they needed help with mental health issues in the past year but did not receive any counseling or therapy.

Expanding access to mental health support is also a key component of LSSU’s five-year strategic plan, which aims to improve first-year student retention by strengthening support for first-generation Pell Grant-eligible and other underrepresented student populations. Anya Alexander, associate dean for student affairs, emphasizes that providing free clinical counseling and mental health support is an integral part of the university’s commitment to student success. By investing in teletherapy, LSSU aims to offer quality care and support tailored specifically to each student’s needs, enabling them to reach their full personal and academic potential.

The Uvill platform for matching students with therapists has already been successfully implemented in several other educational institutions across the country, making it a proven solution for enhancing mental health resources on campus.

By Samantha Johnson

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