Norwegian company, WindSpider, has unveiled a revolutionary system that promises to reduce the cost of installing offshore wind turbines by 50%. The installation of offshore wind energy is typically expensive due to the use of massive crane ships. To solve this problem, WindSpider has developed an ultra-light crane system that utilizes an aluminum exoskeleton built around the pole and a heavy-duty crane designed to handle loads in excess of 1,500 tonnes.

The new generation of offshore wind turbines is growing in size, with towers taller than skyscrapers and generator boxes with blades over 310 meters in diameter. Lifting these massive components to the top of the pylons is a significant challenge, especially on ships with cranes that can cost millions of dollars a day to operate. WindSpider’s solution includes an aluminum exoskeleton built around the pole, along with a heavy-duty crane designed to handle loads in excess of 1,500 tonnes.

The frame also supports a blade tool to help lift and position turbine blades, as well as other tools to help maintain and replace turbine components. The WindSpider system is designed to reduce installation and maintenance costs for fixed and floating turbines by more than 50%. They believe the system can operate at heights greater than 200 meters, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines.

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