The Center for Organic Semiconductors at the University of St Andrews has launched a new multidisciplinary research project aimed at improving the efficiency of televisions, computer screens, and lighting systems. This research, conducted by the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Chemistry, introduces a novel approach to designing efficient light-emitting materials as detailed in a recent paper published in Nature.

Light-emitting materials are an integral component of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which are commonly used in mobile phone screens, smart watches, televisions, and automotive lighting. While the latest generation of emitter materials have shown high efficiency at low luminance levels, they face challenges when it comes to reduced efficiency at higher brightness levels, especially in lighting and outdoor applications.

Researchers led by professors Ifor Samuel and Elie Zisman-Kolman have identified the necessary characteristics of the material to solve this problem. Their guidelines will help OLED researchers develop materials that can maintain high efficiency at increased brightness levels, facilitating the use of advanced materials in displays, lighting, and medical applications.

Professor Zisman-Colman noted that their research provides valuable insight into the relationship between material properties and OLED performance. Professor Samuel added that their innovative approach offers a solution for developing bright, efficient, and colorful OLEDs that consume less energy.

The promising results of this research suggest that industry may soon show interest in implementing these advances. Improved efficiency and improved light output could lead to cost-effective LED solutions in various electronic devices, benefiting both consumers and industries.

By Samantha Johnson

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