The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has revolutionized the field of pathology by speeding up the process of identifying tumor characteristics and allowing doctors to tailor treatment options for their patients. Developed by imagene, a promising start-up company from Tel Aviv, the technology uses digital scanning devices to identify the myriad characteristics of cancerous tumors within minutes.

The technology was first applied at Sheba Medical Center, where it has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of diagnosing and treating cancer patients. In the first phase, digital scanning was used in place of traditional glass slides for biopsies, which allowed samples to be examined from anywhere in the world and even from home. This has greatly increased accessibility and reduced the time it takes for patients to receive a diagnosis.

The AI technology works by scanning thousands of different algorithms to identify the characteristics of the tumor and any mutations present. This allows medical teams to quickly make informed decisions about treatment options and dosages. For example, patients with metastatic lung cancer who previously had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing can now receive a first response within a few minutes.

Professor Iris Brashak, Director of Sheba Pathology Laboratory and President of Israel Pathology Association, has been instrumental in implementing this new technology at Sheba Medical Center. She explains that “digital scanning allows us to quickly respond to patients even when we are not in the laboratory and consult with experts from all over the world.” The pathology lab’s computers now work overtime, processing digital scans brought in from operating rooms and identifying tumor characteristics within minutes.

Overall, this new development has enabled doctors at Sheba Medical Center to save lives by providing faster and more accurate diagnoses for their patients. With further research and development, AI technology has great potential to continue revolutionizing the field of pathology and improving patient outcomes around the world.

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