King Coil has recently launched a new line of smart beds that feature Talalai latex for the first time. These mattresses have been redesigned to offer a wider range of comfort sensations and better technology that responds to individual needs. The new line includes SL Firm, SL Medium, SL Plush and SL Latex Plush mattresses, each with nine comfort settings that range from firm to soft, and body-sensing technology that automatically adjusts to your body shape, height and weight.

The CEO of King Coil, David Binke, stated that the SmartLife mattress line has been successful since its introduction. In this new generation, the company worked closely with Talalai Global to develop a new latex component specifically designed for these mattresses. The integrated controller uses silicon chip microprocessors and digital pressure sensors to assess body type and posture for adaptive support.

The new SmartLife mattresses are priced between $4,500 and $5,500 in queen size. They can be synced with the King Coil SmartLife App available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store. Binke noted that King Koil has been able to improve the materials of these mattresses with suppliers over time to improve functionality and guarantee comfort and adaptability in this new generation of SmartLife beds.

Overall, King Coil’s latest smart bed line offers customers an innovative solution for achieving optimal sleep quality through personalized comfort settings and advanced technology. With Talalai latex as its key component, these mattresses promise to provide unparalleled support and durability for years to come.

By Samantha Johnson

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