Wonder, a food delivery service founded by entrepreneur Mark Lore in 2018, is revolutionizing the way we think about mealtime. The company has already partnered with more than 25 brands in 200 locations and expects significant growth in 2024. With a total funding of nearly $1 billion, Wonder is rapidly expanding its operations, with ten food halls located in New York and New Jersey.

The success of Wonder’s food delivery halls has inspired the development of WonderWorks, a comprehensive program for foodservice operators. Former Nestle CEO Perry Miele has been hired to advise WonderWorks as it expands its B2B business. In his role as President and CEO of Nestle Professional, Miele has gained extensive experience in the food and beverage conglomerate’s food and beverage division, providing valuable expertise to WonderWorks while forging partnerships with food operations in various locations.

WonderWorks is committed to providing operators with a complete nutrition program that reflects the successful operations of Wonder’s food delivery halls. This includes a centralized committee where food is prepared and then sent to food halls for finishing using specially calibrated TurboChef ovens, maximizing efficiency and reducing labor costs. By offering a streamlined solution for mealtime management, WonderWorks aims to save time and money for restaurants while ensuring that their customers receive healthy and delicious meals.

Blue Apron, an online grocery service acquired by Nestle earlier this year, brings additional resources and expertise to Wonder’s expansion efforts. With $100 million invested by Nestle, Wonder now has access to even more funding and support as it continues to grow its business. As part of this investment, Blue Apron will provide exclusive access to its culinary team for recipe development and testing purposes.

Overall, Wonder is poised for continued success as it expands its operations beyond just meal delivery services into the world of B2B partnerships with restaurants. With experienced leadership like Miele at the helm and innovative solutions like WonderWorks on offer, the future looks bright for this fast-growing company that aims to revolutionize the way we eat.

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