The Commanders faced off against the Giants on Sunday and put up an impressive 403 yards of offense. However, despite this effort, they were unable to secure a win at home as the Giants managed to sack Tommy DeWitt nine times. This was not enough to overcome Sam Howell’s three interceptions and the team’s three fumbles, which led to a 31-19 victory for the Giants. This marked the seventh loss in nine games for the Commanders, leaving head coach Ron Rivera feeling frustrated about their performance.

Rivera acknowledged that there are things that need to be evaluated and changed ahead of Week 12, but he also recognized the limitations of making significant adjustments in such a short time before Thursday’s game in Dallas. As the season progresses, there remains a growing question about potential changes in team ownership and their path for future seasons.

Despite their struggles on the field, Rivera expressed his disappointment at missing out on a chance to win with their strong offensive performance. He knows that changes need to be made, but he also recognizes that it will take time and effort to turn things around. With only one more game left before the end of the season, the Commanders will have to work hard if they want to avoid finishing with another losing record.

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