The second season of They move the globe promises to give fans much more style, enjoyable and of course, lots of drama.

Immediately after two years, the second season of the STARZ series returns to comply with the 30-year-old trio of Renee (Bresha Webb), Whitney (Amber Stevens West) and Sondi (Corbin Reed) – Andrea Bordo, who played Ella, left the series in February 2022. , just after their debut season – as they navigate the trials and tribulations of getting effective profession girls in their quest for globe domination, when juggling their romantic relationships and relationships with every single other.

As the 3 strive for individual development and self-discovery, balancing profession, appreciate, and the ups and downs of life in Harlem, New York, they rely on their sisterhood to propel them forward and upward in a globe they have been in no way meant to do so.

The show diary promises: “At its core, it is an unapologetically female show about enviable friendship and not just surviving – but thriving collectively.

And according to the cast, viewers will get all that and much more when they tune into the show. ET’s Rachel Smith visited the set ahead of the show’s May possibly 26 premiere, throughout which Webb, West and Reid teased all the thrilling items fans can anticipate in season two.

“We do significant items, significant Harlem style, infant! We take items in stride, we’re selfish and unapologetic about it and, may perhaps I add, we appear fabulous undertaking it also,” Webb says.

West adds that the cast’s genuine-life friendship reinforces their fictional partnership, noting how close they became when operating on the series. “We have so significantly enjoyable collectively.” We are pals in genuine life – it is like they each just got married [and] I’ve been to each of their weddings,” she says, adding that the actors consistently play board games collectively on set.

That connection becomes much more apparent throughout the chaotic events of Season two.”[The season] was just explosive,” says Reid. “Like, in Season 1, you see us start out to deal with our problems. With Season two, every little thing type of exploded and then you got to see us operating by means of it collectively and relying on our superb friendship as this enviable group of pals. So it is actually amazing.”

The new season picks up straight exactly where the earlier installment left off: Whitney faces the consequences of admitting to her fiance (and now ex), Ola (Tosin Morohunfola), that she cheated on him Renee struggles to locate her way just after leaving her job at Eclipse to strike out on her personal in the globe of advertising and dealing with separation from her husband Jason (Jay Walker) and Sondi finds her household set-up with beau Matthew (Stephen Bishop) in flux as Naomi (Tika Sumpter), his ex-wife and mother of his daughter Amari (Ellie Rhine), returns household from active duty in the Navy.

“It produced me excited to get back to perform and see what the other writers have been going to create,” Webb says of the new season. “[Renee] leaves her husband, leaves her job [and now] she is on the dating scene. We never know exactly where Rene will go [in] second season, but worth it [exploring] and I wanted to do it.”

“Yes, Sondi is actually moving in a radically new path,” adds Reid. “Her partnership is in a entirely distinctive spot than season a single… Her profession [also] moves in a entirely new path. She finds her voice amplified and falls in appreciate with it and you can see she actually relies on it.”

“I consider it is thrilling for you to picture exactly where it can go, for the reason that I can see her going in so quite a few distinctive directions,” Reed notes. “I see she’s wearing Angela Rie or, I never know, we’ll have to wait and see exactly where she goes.

As for Vestina Whitney, items are fairly hectic for her just after she turned her life about by admitting her a single-evening stand with her fiance. “We left with tremendous anticipation for Whitney [and] what I appreciate about the show is that it is so grounded in reality. And we’re not just going back to Whitney marrying Ola for the reason that what occurred involving them has to be resolved,” she tells ET.

West adds, “I appreciate that it is a show about girls in our 30s who, on paper, have ticked just about every box — they’ve graduated college, they are effective in their careers, they’ve been in superb relationships [with] very good people today — like all the items people today consider… they [can] coast for the rest of his life. But with Whitney and these girls, you see them get to these moments exactly where they are nevertheless falling and they nevertheless have to figure out what they want out of life and then go just after it. And so Whitney had to do a lot of introspection and recognize why she sabotaged the partnership she wanted for so lengthy and find out much more about herself and what she’s hunting for for the rest of her life.”

The second season also offers with the absence of the original fourth member of the group of pals, Ella. With out providing also significantly away, Webb says that Ella’s presence is nevertheless “present” in the second installment.

“Her light and her essence of who she is as a character.” [is still present],” she says. “It is a lot much more relatable for the reason that pals come and go, you know, and people today get married, get jobs, but you nevertheless have that appreciate for them.” And that is what her presence is all about this season. She even saves the day in a single of the episodes. We honor her in that space, hence [it’s] humans.”

Reed says the show tends to make certain the fictional pals remain in touch with their fourth member, noting that “technologies is magical” when it comes to maintaining in touch with loved ones.

With the show’s lively stories, iconic setting and drool-worthy style — thanks to costume consultant Patricia Fields and costume designer Tracy L. Cox — no surprise yes They move the globe normally described in the similar breath as Sex and the city.

Agreeing that style is a significant element of their characters, West says the actors normally collaborate with Cox when it comes to their on-screen appears.

“We put on items that make us really feel a specific way for the reason that we want to present a specific way and so the garments on our show are a significant element of our characters,” says West. “Tracy is so very good at what she does and she just shows me items. We collaborate on exactly where we consider the character is, but I did not say, ‘Go locate this dress.’ He shows up and has some thing on his thoughts and I just about usually just do what ever he says.”

Sharing that she grew up watching Sex and the city, Webb shares that operating with Fields was a dream come correct as an individual who was inspired by the outfits featured on the former HBO series. “But, you know, there are also shows like Living Single and Girlfriends it paved the way for us to be who we are,” she adds, referencing Queen Latifah’s iconic series, which is helmed by executive producer Yvette Lee Bowser.

“I consider our show is a contemporary take on what it suggests to be, not just a black lady, but to be a lady living in New York, living in Harlem, which is extremely underrated on tv,” Reid says. “We show the glamorous, gorgeous culture that exists in Harlem and show 3 ambitious, intelligent girls living their most effective lives in Harlem.” It shows a dream come correct.

Reid says they’ve had “pinch moments” with fans displaying them the show’s influence on their viewers. “It is also gorgeous for the reason that we’re living in luxury as 3 black girls in New York. You never get to see that extremely normally on Television any longer. We’re providing an genuine representation, which meant a lot to a lot of people today and it is actually good to hear.”

“It is not just a fantasy on Television, this is genuine. There are genuine girls, go to Harlem [and] you will see them,” West adds as Webb notes, “We’re undertaking what is currently getting accomplished. Celebrating black girls. We will need to celebrate our melanin.”

“We want to be inspirational,” Webb adds of the show’s style and stories. “It is aspirational. We want you to see it and go get it.”

They move the globe Season two will premiere new episodes on Fridays on STARZ.

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