The Liaison Desk has again requested a hearing from the President of the Central Bank (BCRA) regarding the increase in loan prices for producers and the risks that food imports pose to them. This request came after a meeting with rural leaders who echoed their call for a meeting with BCRA President Santiago Bausilija. They expressed disappointment at the lack of response to their previous requests made more than three months ago, particularly regarding changes to rates affecting wheat and soybean producers. Ruralists also expressed concern about the potential negative impact of food imports on local producers unless a level playing field is maintained.

In addition, they highlighted the adverse effects of excessive tax increases and new fees introduced in various districts across the country. These measures add to the already high tax burden faced by producers, increasing their production costs. They urged national, provincial and municipal legislators to review this tax policy and prioritize measures that support manufacturing and economic growth. The link table highlights the urgent need for fiscal measures to ease financial pressure on producers and promote a more favorable environment for agricultural activities.

Furthermore, at the start of the vaccination campaign, ruralists raised concerns about the high cost of FMD vaccines. They emphasized that this matter will be examined in cooperation with relevant organizations to determine specific details that affect vaccine costs. The Liaison Desk announced a consultation period within its entities to gather feedback on vaccine costs, stressing its importance in preserving livestock health and supporting agriculture.

Overall, ruralists are calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing their concerns, which include reducing taxes, regulating loan rates, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and ensuring access to affordable vaccines for livestock health management.

By Samantha Johnson

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